Top 5 Child Custody Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Divorce is almost always a difficult experience for spouses to endure, but it is often exceptionally more challenging for those with children. The thought of spending less time with your children is likely unfathomable and, with tensions running high, you may make some impulsive moves and decisions during the divorce process that could impact your child custody case. We compiled a list of the biggest mistakes you should avoid during this process, so you can get through it with greater ease.

Avoiding Some of the Most Common Child Custody Mistakes

Your children are more important to you than anything else and, given the emotional nature of such disputes, it is easy to make mistakes. Failing to seek legal representation is one of the worst mistakes a parent can make at this time. Family law is a complex area of practice and attempting to navigate it without an attorney can result in a whole flurry of costly missteps.

Below is a list of the top 5 child custody errors you can avoid:

1. Insisting on a legal battle: Quarrelling parents are often so blinded by anger and pain that they are unwilling to cooperate or compromise. Unfortunately, when you insist on a contentious legal battle, this hurts everyone, especially the children.

2. Flaking on visitation with your children: Going through any kind of legal dispute can create a lot of chaos in a person’s life, so you might feel like you never have enough time for anything. However, one thing you should always make time for is scheduled visitation with your children. Skipping out on these opportunities will not reflect well on you in court.

3. Not being supportive of your co-parent: Family courts believe it is important for parents to support each other’s relationship with the children. If it seems you are trying to interfere with their bond, this will harm your case.

4. Saying terrible things about your spouse to your children: No matter what went wrong in your marriage, badmouthing your spouse to your children will not do you any favors in court and you may even be accused of parental alienation.

5. Violating a court order: You might have some very strong opinions about any temporary court orders issued while your divorce is pending, such as child support or child custody, but you should never violate them.

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