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      "She truly has her clients best interest at heart and would recommend her in ANY family law situation!"

      This law firm was the 5th and final law firm we hired in my divorce. Dena is amazing. She is quick, accurate, informative, extremely sharp remembering details and information. Her staff is THE best in the business. It is a life changing experience to have an attorney like this. She is worth every dime. She truly has her clients best interest at heart and would recommend her in ANY family law situation. Not to mention, she makes some of the hardest situations, fun :)

      Nino C.
      "I Could Not Have Asked for a More Satisfying Outcome"

      From start to finish, they were organized, professional, extremely efficient, and assuring. I could not have asked for a more satisfying outcome and experience.

      Joyce C.
      "Compassionate, Thoughtful, and Detail-Oriented People"

      Bez Law Firm, P.C. is comprised of compassionate, thoughtful, and detail-oriented people ... notice the word PEOPLE, not simply their monikers. From Alyssa, the receptionist, to Dena the owner, it is clear that the client and his/her family are paramount in their minds. Molly Sword is the lead on our matter and I wish that I could convey in words how much her heartfelt dedication and professionalism has meant to me and my family. Aside from wishing this situation was not happening to me, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am happy and confident that I have Molly and Bez Law Firm, P.C. as my family's advocate. Advocates are different than lawyers, but Bez Law Firm, P.C. does not see a difference. There is no limit to the amount of money spent that you can say warrants your family's safety, but you would not be reading a review about a law firm without thinking "how much money will I spend?" I can assure you that every dollar you spend is calculated with integrity and your end result as the goal. Their integrity serves as a return on your investment; however, their sheer desire to make the best decisions and calculated actions toward expected outcomes ensures that they are listening, responsive, and willing. And Molly, she is an amazing wordsmith, a tireless champion of truth, and my personal hero.

      Kristina R.
      "Easy to Communicate With"

      This was my law firm for a variety of parenting issues over the course of 19 months. They were excellent. Molly was my attorney and very, very detail-oriented, completely transparent, gave a realistic picture of likely outcomes, easy to communicate with, and readily available for consultation/questions/guidance. I would strongly recommend them.

      Lori B.
      "Conscientious and Thorough!"

      I have known Ms. Bez for approximately 13 years and she has been my attorney since 2009. She has always given my case the upmost conscientious and thorough attention to my case. She was patient, up front, direct and very honest with me. I have and will continue to recommend her.

      "Excellent, Straight-Forward, and Solution Oriented"

      Following a long-term marriage and a rather smooth 10 year post-divorce period of co-parenting, my ex-wife had a change of heart and decided to retain a "bull-dog" of a lawyer to make some changes and try to re-enter her children's lives. Needless to say, this was very disrupting to my teenage sons and our family unit. It wasn't fair and I was being attacked, even though I wasn't the one at fault for my children wanting to have nothing to do with their Mother.

      I was angry, upset, and quiet honestly afraid of what might happen if the Court didn't fully understand the truth and what was really happening behind the scenes. I started looking around for a recommendation for a "good" family law attorney. By "good" I do not mean one that just stirs the pot to create more problems so they can make more money. Dena's name came up several times. Her reputation for fairness, reasonableness, and professionalism was untarnished.

      When I first met Dena, I was very upset and wanted "to set the record straight".....Dena listened to my story and in a very matter-of-fact manner explained the law to me and what needed to be done to protect my children. She immediately put me at ease, and went to work to find a solution - - Not to stir the pot and make more problems. She was very clear and concise with the planned approach. From the very beginning she had my children's best interest at heart and that really proved to win the day as we progressed through the conflict. I am happy to report that Dena's mannerism and professionalism quickly hushed the "bull-dog" and very quickly moved our matter towards resolution.

      Dena is an attorney you can trust. She might not always tell you what you want to hear, but she always works to find an amicable solution - especially where children are involved.

      Dena and her excellent, friendly, and knowledgeable staff kept me well informed of all court actions, motions, and correspondence with opposing counsel, and was always quick to return my calls or emails.

      Avvo Reviewer
      "Committed Advocate"

      Dena Bez has been my attorney for the past 6 years. She has represented me in custodial, financial, and domestic violence cases on several occasions. These were complicated and highly contested cases. Her professionalism and commitment is evidenced not only in the way these cases were handled, but how she walked me through each and every step. She is more than an attorney, she is an advocate for the welfare of my children and a trusted and beloved mentor and friend. To add -- I recommended Dena to a co-worker, and later this person shared that they wished they had her from the very beginning!

      "Honest, Efficient, Practical, Ethical - Highly Recommend!"

      Dena has a straight-shooting, no-nonsense approach. So glad she was in my corner during my divorce. She is incredibly professional and clearly explains family law and the legal process. She suggests practical and reasonable solutions, instead of dragging the case out or "stirring the pot" with the ex/ex's lawyer to inflate the legal bill. Her charges are reasonable, especially because she is a high quality lawyer. She is worth every penny and then some! I can't say enough about what a great lawyer she is. I highly recommend her to others whenever I have the chance.

      "Amazing Family Law Attorney"

      Dena was my family law attorney for about five years. Between her and Molly Sword, these two are the most efficient, effective, professional, and ethical attorneys out there. Dena is definitely an attorney you want on your side in a family law matter as she has a tremendous amount of family law knowledge and experience. She shows up to court on time, extremely prepared with the facts, and does very well on her feet. She is worth every penny spent. She truly cares about the children involved and gives advice based on what she believes is in their best interest. Her goal is to get the case settled in the most efficient way possible. If the case does get dragged out, it's not because of her. She will work diligently with the other party to come to a resolution. I'm so thankful I had her represent me. Because of her, I believe I won't have to return to the courtroom. My ex and I now co-parent very well and I have a meaningful relationship with my children.

      Avvo Reviewer
      "Easy to Work With"

      Bez Law firm is an honest, efficient, hard working, extremely ethical law firm to work with. They do not make false promises about the outcome, but you are absolutely certain they going to bat for you to make this life transition as fair and smooth as possible. They are very easy to work with in a very difficult and often overwhelming situation. They have helped me tremendously in keeping me calm, informed and focused in the stressful, emotional situations that come up during a divorce.

      "Knowledge, warmth, strength, honesty, professionalism, and results"

      Thank you Dena!! I'm so glad I was referred to you, and I can 100% see why. I truly and honestly recommend all my friends and clients to you. Your knowledge, warmth, strength, honesty, professionalism, and results are unbeatable and admirable. Thank you for everything!!

      "There are no words to describe how thankful and grateful I am for everything that Dena, Molly, and all the staff at Bez Law Firm have done for me."

      I would rate Bez Law Firm more than 5 stars if possible. There are no words to describe how thankful and grateful I am for everything that Dena, Molly, and all the staff at Bez Law Firm have done for me. Without their help, my son and I wouldn't be where we are today. The situation was so ugly and I was the end of the rope when I decided to get help from Bez Law Firm. They are very professional, efficient, prompt, diligent, and pay attention to every detail. Thank you Bez Law Firm. You changed our life!! My son is now a thriving middle school student (he was just a 2nd grader then).

      "Highly recommended, very knowledgeable about helping families (especially kids) who suffer abusive relationships."

      Dena is the 3rd and final attorney we consulted and retained. We had two terrible experiences before finding her. We have been in a long time custody battle that includes an abusive/neglectful mother. Dena is experienced (at life as well as law) and was able to provide us and our children the help we needed. Unfortunately, we will need to retain her again here shortly but we feel hopeful because Dena is excellent. Highly recommended, very knowledgeable about helping families (especially kids) who suffer abusive relationships.

      "Thank you for helping keep my kids and I safe."

      I wanted to thank you all directly for all the help you have given me the last 3 years. Thank you for helping keep my kids and I safe. Thank you for giving me the peace of mind to know everything will be ok....even when I had a million questions for you. Ha Ha Ha I know my dad would be pleased with the outcome knowing his daughter and grandkids are safe and this is finally done. I know it gave him peace of mind in the end because you were my attorney and you take care of business. Thank you Dena, and all the people there that support you along the way. You guys are great at what you do. Thank you with all my heart.