Mistakes That Can Raise the Cost of Your Divorce


It is no secret that divorcing your spouse can sometimes be a little pricey. If it goes through litigation, involves a substantial amount of assets, or a family business, things can get particularly hairy. However, you can keep the cost of your divorce down by avoiding certain mistakes and hiring an experienced attorney.

Save Yourself Money by Avoiding These Mistakes

The divorce process is overwhelming and mistakes can easily happen, but most of them are preventable and, if you avoid them, you can save money.

Avoid making the following costly errors during your divorce:

  1. Not considering the big picture: Right now, you might be dwelling on the fact that your marriage is coming to an end. You need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture to understand how your split will impact your financial future in the long run. You will likely have to adjust your lifestyle, so do not assume your life will continue as it is. If you expect to pay child support and spousal support, or if you are moving out of the marital home, you need to start planning a new budget that can accommodate these expenses.
  1. Not having open and honest financial conversations: It can be a little uncomfortable to talk about money, but the less forthcoming you and your spouse are about finances the more expensive your divorce will be. If one of you is attempting to hide marital assets, this will only result in a prolonged discovery process, which will rack up expenses. Trying to hide important financial information never pays off, so be honest and spare yourself these unnecessary costs.
  1. Using your divorce as an opportunity for revenge: You are probably harboring a lot of negative feelings towards your spouse, but you should not use your divorce to get revenge on him or her. Sure, you will be able to inconvenience your spouse by drawing out the process and fighting for things that might not even necessarily be important to you, but you will also harm yourself in doing so. The less you treat your divorce like a battle, the less it will cost you. That is why alternative methods for divorce, such as mediation, are often more appealing options. Mediation encourages spouses to cooperate, compromise, and negotiate to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

Schedule a Case Review With an Experienced Attorney

At Bez Law Firm, P.C., our divorce team has the experience, compassion, and insight to help you navigate the complexities of your case while being mindful of the cost. Our attorneys have over a decade of combined experience in the field and a proven history of success. Whether your case goes through litigation or you opt for a collaborative divorce or mediation, you can rely on our team to provide exceptional legal services.

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