Possible Summer Visitation Activities

Summer is on the horizon for children in school. If you and your spouse have divorced, this means that your summer vacations may look different than what you are used to. Apart from the usual activities that your children have planned, such as summer camps or recreational sports, you will also need to account for the special one-on-one time that you will have with your children. It is not uncommon to experience stress or wonder how you can make the most out of your granted visitation times.

Planning Big Vacations

Referring to your established parenting schedule will allow you to plan your special vacations around the time that you will have with your children. Don’t miss an opportunity to take the family to special places, whether that be the beach or theme parks. It is important to include your fellow co-parent in these conversations, so they are also aware of intended vacation plans and where their child will be.

Day Trips

Another option when having visitation is day trips to museums, parks, or other places that your children enjoy. Be sure to take into consideration what your children would like to do. Maybe they have an expressed interest in animals and would like to go to a zoo or aquarium. If they enjoy science or learning, children’s museums are a fantastic opportunity for hands-on exploration.

Being Together

While it is important to have memorable experiences with your children and provide them with stimulating activities, downtime is equally important. You won’t always be able to take your kids on vacations or other locations. Relaxing and spending 1:1 time with your kids at home can be just as meaningful. Playing games together or having a night in to watch movies can still give you the opportunity to have time together as a family.

Including Friends

Offer to invite your children’s friends to events or to sleepovers at your home. Your kids will likely miss their friends from school, so letting them have time together at your home can make visitation even more exciting. Of course, they don’t have to be included at every gathering or trip, but inviting them on some occasions is worthwhile.

When Issues Arise, Help is Here

While summer is exciting for you and your children, that does not mean that it will always go without a hitch. Sometimes issues can arise with parenting plans and custody agreements. If you have any questions or are experiencing problems with your fellow co-parent, don’t hesitate to contact Bez Law Firm, P.C.. We can provide you with the legal assistance that you need to make important decisions regarding you and your children.


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