Modifying Child Support Payments: What You Need to Know

Child Support Modification

Whether you are seeking to reduce your child support payments or are in need of an increase, modifications are generally only considered by the court in cases where one’s circumstances have substantially changed enough to warrant it. When it comes to children, courts will typically strive for stability and consistency, so such changes are considered very carefully.

Even if you and your former spouse are able to reach an agreement regarding a change in your child support payments, it is crucial to go through the proper legal channels and ensure you obtain the approval of a judge. If your ex-spouse were to have a change of heart regarding your arrangement, you could end up in a terrible predicament if all you have is an informal agreement.

Below are some of the reasons why a judge might grant a modification of a child support order:

  • One parent’s income decreased: If your income decreased to the point where you are no longer able to make your child support payments, do not hesitate to formally request a modification of your payments. Simply not paying them is not an option and, in all likelihood, the court will grant a request on this basis. If you are struggling to subsist on the payments you are currently receiving because your income decreased, a judge might also consider this as a valid reason to grant an increase in the payments you receive.
  • The needs of the child increased: Children’s needs do not remain the same, especially as they get older. They might need orthodontic treatment, school uniforms, or other major expenses. To meet their changing needs, a modification might be granted to increase child support payments.
  • The parent’s responsibilities increased: Additionally, the obligations of a parent might not remain the same as time goes on. For example, if the parent who is making child support payments remarries and has more children, it would be a hardship to continue making the same payments while supporting a growing household. In this case, a judge would consider reducing the parent’s child support payments.
  • One parent’s income increased: Just as a decrease in income can warrant a change in one’s child support payments, so can an increase. If the parent making child support payments were to receive a raise, the receiving parent would be able to petition the court for an increase in child support payments.

Whether you are seeking a decrease or an increase in your child support payments, make sure a judge signs off on it and always consult with an attorney to ensure your interests are protected.

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