Divorce Basics in California

When seeking a divorce in the state of California, it is important to know what’s required of you and your spouse. For instance, you must be a California resident for at least six months prior to filing for divorce, and you must spend three of those months living in the county in which you’d like to file. The earliest a California court may grant your divorce is six months after the non-filing spouse is served with the petition.

How is Property Distributed in California?

Once you’ve filed, your attention will likely shift to the distribution of any shared property/assets. Because California is a “community property” state. property such as your home, income and personal assets purchased during the course of the marriage will be considered “community property” and will be disbursed equally by the court.

You and your spouse may agree upon how best to divide your property, but any property acquired before you were married, after the date of separation or inheritance will remain the separate and sole property of the spouse who acquired it.

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