Premarital Agreements in the State of California

What Are Premarital Agreements?

Commonly referred to as “prenuptial,” or “ante-nuptial” agreements, a premarital agreement is a legal tool by which future newlyweds express and agree upon various details regarding their marriage. For example, a premarital agreement may provide children the right to receive any and all assets in the event that both parents pass away. Simply put, a premarital agreement may be viewed as an acknowledgment that each marriage has a fifty percent chance of failing.

What Does A Premarital Agreement Look Like?

A premarital agreement should contain a detailed premarital history, including any and all circumstances relevant to each party. This is especially important if one party is marrying for a second or third time and has children from one or all previous marriages. An effective premarital agreement must also include a thorough disclosure of each party’s assets and liabilities, as well as how earnings during the marriage will be shared in the event of a divorce.

Consult An Experienced Attorney Today

If you decide to enter a premarital agreement with your future spouse, we highly recommend that you consult with an attorney that has experience in both divorce and family law. While a premarital agreement may sound relatively straightforward, it is nevertheless a complicated legal tool best explained by a compassionate lawyer. Indeed, in the absence of competent legal counsel, a premarital agreement may create even more issues down the road, especially if drawn up incorrectly.

If you are currently considering proceeding with a premarital agreement, call the reliable attorneys at Bez Law Firm P.C. today.

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